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Studio: 36 York Road - Northampton - NN1 5QH


Bump photography experience



What to bring on the day of your shoot:  Denim jeans always work well, boob tube, hot pants/shorts, white shirt, booties, scan photos, bring as much as your like and together we decide what works best for your shoot. We also have a range of props you can also use here at the studio.  Also why not bring your partner with you who can also be featured in some of the photographs.

Before any shoot we would like to get to know you and your ideas if any, then plan the best way to capture that for you.

Girls please do not worry about scars etc, the joys of pregnancy hey.  If you would prefer for these to be removed just let your photographer know, the wonders of photo shop.

A portfolio of photographs will be captured for you.  You are then invited back to the studio for a proofing session.  Same day viewings are possible but we would much prefer time to do some post production to the photographs.


What will it end up cosing me? Every client is wanting something different and a lot of our clients are not sure what they want until they see it.  We have a wide range of finishes to choose which are created and crafted here at the studio but to give you an idea of pricing below are some of our popular package deals.  Contact the studio to discuss and quote.

package deals
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Get in touch: csphoto8@msn.com -  07549 078812

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